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You are designing an Azure Cosmos DB database that will contain news articles.
The articles will have the following properties: Category, Created Datetime, Publish Datetime, Author, Headline, Body Text, and Publish Status. Multiple articles will be published in each category daily, but no two stories in a category will be published simultaneously.
Headlines may be updated over time. Publish Status will have the following values: draft, published, updated, and removed. Most articles will remain in the published or updated status. Publish Datetime will be populated only when Publish Status is set to published.
You will serve the latest articles to websites for users to consume.
You need to recommend a partition key for the database container. The solution must ensure that the articles are served to the websites as quickly as possible.
Which partition key should you recommend?

A. Publish Status
B. Category + Created Datetime
C. Headline
D. Publish Date + random suffix

Answer: B
You can form a partition key by concatenating multiple property values into a single artificial partitionKey property. These keys are referred to as synthetic keys.
Incorrect Answers:
D: Publish Datetime will be populated only when Publish Status is set to published.

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