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An engineer needs to configure SSL Forward Proxy to decrypt traffic on a PA-5260. The engineer uses a forward trust certificate from the enterprise PKI that expires December 31, 2025. The validity date on the PA-generated certificate is taken from what?

A. The trusted certificate
B. The server certificate
C. The untrusted certificate
D. The root CA

Answer: B

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Note: This question is part of a series of questions that present the same scenario. Each question in the series contains a unique solution that might meet the stated goals. Some question sets might have more than one correct solution, while others might not have a correct solution.
After you answer a question in this section, you will NOT be able to return to it. As a result, these questions will not appear in the review screen.
On a Contact record, a user creates a Note record that contains the word running.
One week later, the user reports that they cannot find the Contact record associated with the Note record.
You need to find the Note record.
Solution: Use Dataverse Search to search for the word run.
Does the solution meet the goal?

A. Yes
B. No

Answer: A
Dataverse Search = Relevance Search.
Relevance Search brings the following benefits:
– Finds matches to any word in the search term in any field in the entity. Matches may include inflectional words, like “stream,” “streaming,” or “streamed.”
– Includes the ability to search documents found in Notes and Attachments on Emails and Appointments

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A company is creating a new multi-account architecture. A Sysops administrator must implement a login solution to centrally manage user access and permissions across all AWS accounts. The solution must be integrated with AWS Organizations and must be connected to a third-party Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 identity provider (IdP).
What should the SysOps administrator do to meet these requirements?

A. Configure an Amazon Cognito user pool. Integrate the user pool with the third-party IdP.
B. Enable and configure AWS Single Sign-On with the third-party IdP.
C. Federate the third-party IdP with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for each AWS account in the organization.
D. Integrate the third-party IdP directly with AWS Organizations.

Answer: A

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You are troubleshooting a BGP connection.
Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A. Packet fragmentation is preventing the session from establishing.
B. The peer has a misconfigured MD5 key.
C. The ge-0/0/1 interface is disabled.
D. The peer has a misconfigured autonomous system number.

Answer: AC

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Drag and Drop Question
You are using Microsoft Excel to complete budget planning for the next fiscal year.
Budget template data must be gathered in real time from Dynamics 365 Finance during the budget planning process.
You need to create a budget planning template by using Microsoft Excel.
Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.
Step 1: Enter data from the current year’s budget planning template.
Create a new template from existing data
Step 2: Add data connector fields.
Microsoft Excel can change and quickly analyze data. The Excel Data Connector app interacts with Excel workbooks and OData services that are created for publicly exposed data entities. The Excel Data Connector add-in enables Excel to become a seamless part of the user experience. The Excel Data Connector add-in is built by using the Office Web add-ins framework.
Step 3: Upload the template.
When you have your Excel template customized the way you want, you can upload it into Dynamics 365. Where you upload the template determines its availability.

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Case Study 3 – A culinary arts college
A culinary arts college trains world class chefs by offering a blend of theoretical and practical education. The culinary arts program enrolls two hundred students per term. The instructors split the students in groups of five to seven students, depending on the specialty selected. Each instructor is in charge of one group of students.
The college uses several systems to manage the student classroom activities. The college plans to implement a Microsoft Power Platform solution to replace the existing system. The goal is to align the cooking curriculum to the taste preferences of their subscribers and automate as much as possible to reduce administrative overhead.
The college has two revenue streams: student enrollment fees and work placement brokerage
lunch catering to businesses, school cafeterias and other consumers via subscriptions
Subscribers place orders from a menu published by the instructors. The menu displays all the dishes and quantities that students will create during a cooking lesson.
The college partners with food banks to offer healthy meals to people in need. Students participate in the packaging and safe storage of any leftovers meals and notify the food banks about available meals. If 85 percent of the meals produced during a week sell out, the college makes the remaining 15 percent available to food banks only.
Current environment
Current systems
The college manages subscribers and their dish preferences by using a SQL Server-based app that is hosted in the college’s on-premises datacenter. Each week, data is extracted as a Microsoft Excel workbook and distributed to instructors.
Recipes are stored as Microsoft Word documents in SharePoint libraries. Access to recipes is restricted to instructors and students.
The college uses Microsoft 365 for emails, classroom and kitchen bookings, and document management.
Students will use a Microsoft Outlook calendar to see their group’s schedule and to collaborate with instructors and other students.
Current environment
Current processes
Instructors use Microsoft Excel workbooks to capture class attendance information for cooking classes.
Instructors develop the culinary arts program and refine it periodically.
Instructors are responsible for monitoring kitchen processes.
Instructors order the ingredients in bulk from food distributors. The instructors define threshold quantities that trigger inventory replenishment.
Students self-organize in teams and brainstorm to produce new recipes.
Students earn credits faster if they create new recipes in their specialty and the new recipe gains enough votes from subscribers.
Current environment
Cooking classes
Each cooking class has a start date, a start and end time, a minimum and a maximum number of participants, and a cuisine specialty.
Students select one main cuisine to specialize in when applying for enrollment.
Students participating in a cooking class can participate as a chef or as a helper. There is only one chef per session. Everyone else is a helper.
Instructors select the chef and recipe for each cooking class and distribute a link to the recipe document before each class.
Each instructor performs quality checks on dishes that are offered for sale and evaluates both the chef and the helper.
Current environment
The college offers the following types of subscriptions based on a client’s commitment to order:
– Public `” lunch orders placed between 10:00 AM and noon from an open menu, subject to availability. Most occasional and high-volume subscribers became fans of the college after ordering from the public subscription.
– Occasional subscribers `” a fixed number of meals, either monthly or weekly.
– High volume `” businesses that provide their staff free lunches every workday.
A group of 25 business subscribers each order an average of 2,000 meals per day.
The number of occasional subscribers varies daily.
The college generates a QR code for high-volume subscribers to allow staff to vote for their favorite dishes.
Class management
The solution must track credits earned by the students.
Students require a fixed number of credits in the chef’s role to gain the cuisine specialization. Students can acquire credits by using any of the following methods:
– fans of the college
– number of hours in practical sessions as helpers
– number of hours as chefs
– popular votes from dishes prepared as chefs
– marks from the class instructor
Students must confirm their attendance by selecting Start at the beginning of each class and selecting Done at the end of the class.
The student’s total number of practice hours and credits earned must display in the app.
Students team up together to create new recipes and must keep their recipes confidential.
The instructors photograph dishes that pass quality checks and upload the photographs to the daily menu that is made available to subscribers.
Dish votes are counted based on the number of people who marked the dish as a favorite.
The college requires a lively visual that displays marketing data on their public-facing website.
The subscriber administrators must approve the credit terms for high-volume subscribers.
Occasional and high-volume subscribers must be able to place orders online.
Subscribers should be able to mark a dish as favorite directly from their order.
Food management
Instructors must be able to reserve the quantities of ingredients that they require for cooking sessions.
Each ingredient has a primary unit of measure for bulk ordering and a second unit of measure for using in a recipe. (For example, flour in pounds when ordering and in cups for use in a recipe).
The app must display the current inventory and reserved quantities for each ingredient needed for a recipe. The display must be consistent for appropriate roles.
Food banks must be able to access the food pool online and place their orders from a filtered list based on their location.
The college must replace the food bank notifications with an automated system that food bank users can access directly from the college’s public website.
The app must use a chatbot to replace the food bank notifications so that food bank users can see food available for pickup by food banks.
One instructor discovers discrepancies in the ingredient inventory and requests the standardization of the units of measures for all ingredients. Each time an ingredient is used in a recipe, the secondary unit of measure must be populated and be read only.
Students report that they are not able to see their total practice hours in the app.
You need to implement reporting to support the college marketing efforts.
Which type of dashboard should you use?

A. Interactive
B. Model driven
C. Power BI
D. Power BI
E. Power BI

Answer: C

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Your BGP router receives routes from two upstream ISPs: ISP A and ISP B.
In this scenario, which change would you make to prefer routes from ISP A?

A. Set the local-preference attribute for all routes received from ISP A to 200 while all routes received from ISP B use the default local-preference value of 100.
B. Prepend the AS path to all routes received from ISP A while all routes received from ISP B use the default AS path value.
C. Change the MED value for all routes received from ISP A to 1 while all routes from ISP B remain configured with no MED value.
D. Set the local-preference attribute for all routes received from ISP A to 50 while all routes received from ISP B use the default local-preference value of 100.

Answer: A

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Which OWASP loT vulnerability talks about security flaws such as lack of firmware validation, lack of secure delivery, and lack of anti-rollback mechanisms on loT devices?

A. Lack of secure update mechanism
B. Use of insecure or outdated components
C. Insecure default settings
D. Insecure data transfer and storage

Answer: A

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[October-2022]100% Success-Braindump2go 5V0-21.21 Exam VCE Dumps 5V0-21.21 60Q Instant Download[Q20-Q50]

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A company hosts a vSAN 7 stretched cluster for all development workloads. The original sizing of a maximum of 250 concurrent workloads in the vSAN cluster is no longer sufficient and needs to increase to at least 500 concurrent workloads within the next six months. To meet this demand, the original 8-node (4-4-1) cluster has recently been expanded to 16 nodes (8-8-1).
Which three additional steps should the administrator take to support the current growth plans while minimizing the amount of resources required at the witness site? (Choose three.)

A. Add the new vSAN witness appliance to vCenter Server.
B. Deploy a new large vSAN witness appliance at the witness site.
C. Configure the vSAN stretched cluster to use the new vSAN witness.
D. Deploy a new extra large vSAN witness appliance at the witness site.
E. Upgrade the vSAN stretched cluster to vSAN 7.0 U1.
F. Configure the new vSAN witness as a shared witness appliance.

Answer: ABC
Add the appliance to vCenter Server as a witness ESXi host. Make sure to configure the vSAN VMkernel interface on the host.

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