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Exam Code: 1Y0-201
Exam Name: Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions
Certification Provider: Citrix
Corresponding Certification: CCA-V

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Scenario: A user’s Desktop OS machine with Personal vDisk (PvD) is unresponsive. The user needs to access applications installed on the PvD urgently, due to an important deadline.

How could a Citrix Administrator resolve this issue?

A.    Use Citrix Director to reset the PvD.
B.    Use Citrix Studio to restore the user’s initial settings.
C.    Run the ctxpvd.exe command on the user’s system.
D.    Run a PowerShell cmdlet to restore the user’s PvD to a new virtual machine.

Answer: D

Which policy must a Citrix Administrator modify on the NetScaler to allow mobile devices to connect to a XenDesktop environment where two-factor authentication is NOT used?

A.    LDAP
B.    Session
C.    Authentication
D.    Traffic Domain

Answer: B

Scenario: XenDesktop has been implemented with Citrix Profile Manager enabled. Users are complaining that logging on takes a long time. A Citrix Administrator examines the user profile store and finds a number of profiles that have grown to over 500 MB.

Which profile management setting could the administrator configure to address the slow logon issues?

A.    Active Writeback
B.    Profile Streaming
C.    Registry Exclusion
D.    Cross Platform Settings

Answer: B

Scenario: A user reports that a CAD application is NOT launching in the assigned HDX 3D Pro Desktop OS machine. The user sees an error that indicates that a GPU could NOT be found.
The host providing the Desktop OS machine for this user has the supported physical GPUs available.

How could a Citrix Administrator ensure that a physical GPU is configured for the Desktop OS machine hosting the user’s HDX 3D Pro Desktop?

A.    Enable the HDX 3D Pro policies for XenDesktop.
B.    Select the Lossless option in the Quality Control tool of the user’s session.
C.    Create a new catalog in Citrix Studio for the HDX 3D Pro Desktop OS machines.
D.    Run the xe vgpu-create vm-uuid=<uuid> command in the XenServer command-line interface.

Answer: D

Which three options could a Citrix Administrator enable for users who connect to their provisioned desktop from Smart phones and tablets to improve their experience? (Choose three.)

A.    Legacy Graphics Mode
B.    Remote the combo box
C.    Automatic keyboard display
D.    Enhanced Desktop Experience
E.    Launch touch-optimized desktop

Answer: BCE

A Citrix Administrator is in the process of upgrading the edition of XenDesktop to Enterprise.

After uploading the new license file to the License Server, what must the administrator do to continue the upgrade?

A.    Run lmadmin.exe
B.    Restart the Delivery Controller
C.    Refresh the License Server Administration Console
D.    Change the edition of the license used within Citrix Studio

Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator is in the process of building new virtual machines using Machine Creation Services within a XenDesktop site.

How could the administrator ensure that all new virtual machines have the same individual settings for memory and CPU at the time the machines are built?

A.    Use a built-in hosting template.
B.    Create a custom template in the hosting environment.
C.    Create a master target device in the hosting infrastructure.
D.    Set the master device as a template in Provisioning Services.

Answer: B

Scenario: In a XenDesktop deployment, a Citrix Administrator must install an application that renders locally and creates a large number of temporary files on the local drive of Desktop OS machines. The administrator creates a vDisk in Private mode that contains the application. Now the administrator must change the vDisk mode from Private to Standard. The administrator must also determine the appropriate write cache type to configure.

Which cache type will likely result in system failures with a blue screen of death?

A.    Cache on server
B.    Cache in device RAM
C.    Cache on server persisted
D.    Cache in device RAM with overflow on hard disk

Answer: B

A Citrix Administrator is given the task of creating a new maintenance version for a vDisk from an existing maintenance disk.

Which task does the administrator need to complete before the new maintenance version of the vDisk is created?

A.    Merge the vDisk.
B.    Promote the version.
C.    Release vDisk locks.
D.    Unassign the vDisk from selected devices.

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator implemented pooled-random Desktop OS machines with Personal vDisk for the executive staff. The CIO is concerned about the retention of his vDisk.

Which tool should the administrator use to implement vDisk retention?

A.    ctxpvd.exe
B.    PowerShell
C.    Citrix Studio
D.    Citrix Director

Answer: B



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