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Which two statements are true about Option 82? (Choose two.)

A. Layer 2 ingress
B. Layer 3 egress
C. Layer 3 ingress
D. Layer 2 egress
E. Layer 4 egress
F. Layer 4 ingress

Answer: AB
Layer 2 ingress ¬ “Enters interface configuration mode, where slot/port is the Layer 2 Ethernet ingress interface where you want to configure the option 82 string.” (see “Enabling or Disabling Option 82 User Defined Data Insertion and Removal”) <<ingress (in) Layer 3 egress ¬ this sounds right”;Enters interface configuration mode, where slot/port is the interface for which you want to enable or disable subnet broadcast support for the DHCP relay agent. (see “Enabling or Disabling Subnet Broadcast Support for the DHCP Relay Agent on a Layer 3 Interface”) <<egress (out) b_N3548_Security_Config_602_A11_chapter_01011.html

Which three functions does Dynamic ARP Inspection perform with invalid IP-to MAC address bindings?

A. deletes
B. logs
C. accepts
D. intercepts
E. discards
F. bypasses

Answer: BDE

Which three features can be optimized by using SDM templates?

A. port security
B. trunk
D. access
E. DHCP snooping
F. routing

Answer: CDF

If all devices on an EtherChannel are sending traffic to a single MAC address, which two methods of load balancing on the EtherChannel are preferred? (Choose two.)

A. destination-MAC
B. dest-source-MAC
C. destination-IP
D. source-MAC
E. source-IP

Answer: BD

Which command is used to verify trunk native VLANs?

A. show access ports
B. show interfaces trunk
C. show trunk
D. show vlan native trunk

Answer: B

Question about configuring VLAN 10 root bridge with spanning-tree switch priority.

A. spanning-tree vlan 10 root primary
B. spanning-tree vlan 10 priority 4096

Answer: AB

Which information does CDP supply from connected devices? Choose three.)

A. Hardware Platform
B. Interface ID
C. Hostname
D. Config Register

Answer: ABC

Question about voice VLAN. (Choose two.)

A. Disabled by default
B. Enters on untrusted port
C. Default CoS value of 5 for untagged…..
D. Needs manual enable of portfast.

Answer: AC

Question about UDLD aggressive. (Choose two.)

A. UDLD messages are sent every 15 seconds
B. UDLD tries to reestablish link once before declaring the link down
C. When unidirectional fail is detected, port state is determined by spanning tree
D. When unidirectional fail is detected, port is turned to errdisable
E. UDLD sends messages four times the message interval by default
F. UDLD automatically … message interval based on configured timers

Answer: AD

How to configure dynamic ARP inspection on a VLAN?

A. (config)# ip arp inspection vlan
B. (config-if)# ip arp inspection vlan
C. (config)# arp inspection default
D. (config-if)# inspection arp vlan

Answer: A

Diagram is: with 1 core, 2 DSW connected with EtherChannel, 2 ALSW, 2 PCs per ALSW.
Per diagram current root for VLAN 10 is DSW2.
Question is how to make DSW1 the primary root for VLAN 10. (Choose two.)

A. DSW2: change bridge priority to 61440 (highest).
B. DSW1: change bridge priority to 4096 (lowest).
C. DSW1: change port priority but in global configuration mode.
D. DSW1: change bridge priority but value is 0.
E. DSW1: change bridge priority but command is priority root.

Answer: BE


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