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Which command returns the Cisco VCS to its factory default settings?

A. write erase
B. factory-default
C. xCommand SystemUnit FactoryReset Confirm: Yes
D. utils SystemUnit FactoryReset Confim: Yes
E. factory-reset

Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit. Which CLI command should be run to resolve these alarms on a Cisco VCS?

A. xcommand DefaultValuesSet
B. xconfiguration DefaultLinksAdd
C. xcommand DefaultLinksAdd
D. xconfiguration DefaultValuesSet

Answer: C

A technician enters the diag system normal command for a Cisco TelePresence System endpoint. Which action must be done in the CLI before entering this command?

A. Logging must be enabled.
B. Calling services must be stopped.
C. All forced upgrades must be cleared.
D. The Telephone_Srvr service must be restarted.

Answer: B

Which CLI command must be used to configure the network settings on a Cisco TelePresence 4500 MCU?

A. Static A <IP address> <netmask> [<default gateway address>]
B. Network ip<ip address><netmask><default gateway><DNS server address>
C. Xconfig network address<ip address><netmask><default gateway>
D. Xconfig network address<ip address><netmask><default gateway><DNS server address>

Answer: A

Which option describes how to configure SNMP settings on a CTS/TX endpoint?

A. can be configured only via codec CLI
B. can be configured only via codec GUI
C. can be configured only in a device profile in Cisco Unified Communications Manager
D. can be configured either via codec GUI or codec CLI
E. can be configured in codec GUI, codec CLI, or device profile in Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Answer: C

An engineer is receiving several Cisco TMS email alerts for system phonebooks that are not updating. Which menu path should the engineer use to suppress these Cisco TMS email alerts?

A. TMS > Clear this ticket
B. TMS > SMTP settings
C. TMS > Manage ticket error levels
D. TMS > Ticket management
E. TMS > Email notification settings

Answer: C

Which conference types can occur at anytime without the need for the conference to be scheduled, and can be created as permanent conferences?

A. ad hoc conferences
B. auto-dialed participants
C. Multiway conferences
D. scheduled conferences
E. rendezvous conferences

Answer: E

A Cisco TelePresence Server is operating in locally managed mode. In which two ways can a Cisco EX60 user who is connected to a conference that is hosted on a Cisco TelePresence Server change the screen layout? (Choose two.)

A. using the remote control
B. using DTMF keys 2 and 8
C. using FECC
D. via the Cisco TelePresence server GUI

Answer: BC

A customer owns three Codian 5300 MCUs with several video endpoints. Users complain that they are getting multipoint control unit port capacity errors when scheduling video conferences in Cisco TMS. What can be done to correct these errors automatically?

A. Enable the Automatic MCU Cascading option in the Cisco TMS Conference Settings.
B. Install a Cascading option key on the Cisco TMS server.
C. Install a Cisco TelePresence Conductor server.
D. Install cascaded multipoint control units.

Answer: C

Which two methods are used to navigate the menu options of an auto attendant on an MCU? (Choose two.)

C. PiP
D. PoP

Answer: BE

Video conference bridges accomplish their conferencing functionality by doing media transcoding or media switching. What are the three main advantages of media switching? (Choose three.)

A. extremely low latency
B. endpoints that can customize layouts
C. the ability to upscale low-resolution video
D. lower cost per port
E. typically higher port capacity
F. the ability for endpoints to connect at different bandwidth speeds and resolutions

Answer: ADE


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