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Which of the following is NOT a type of Check Point API available in R80.10?

A. Identity Awareness Web Services
C. Mobile Access
D. Management

Answer: C

What is the limitation of employing Sticky Decision Function?

A. With SDF enabled, the involved VPN Gateways only supports IKEv1
B. Acceleration technologies, such as SecureXL and CoreXL are disabled when activating SDF
C. With SDF enabled, only ClusterXL in legacy mode is supported
D. With SDF enabled, you can only have three Sync interfaces at most

Answer: B

On R80.10 when configuring Third-Party devices to read the logs using the LEA (Log Export API) the default Log Server uses port:

A. 18210
B. 18184
C. 257
D. 18191

Answer: B

Mobile Access supports all of the following methods of Link Translation EXCEPT:

A. Hostname Translation (HT)
B. Path Translation (PT)
C. URL Translation (UT)
D. Identity Translation (IT)

Answer: D

What is true of the API server on R80.10?

A. By default the API-server is activated and does not have hardware requirements
B. By default the API-server is not active and should be activated from the WebUI
C. By default the API server is active on management and stand-alone servers with 16GB of RAM (or more)
D. By default, the API server is active on management servers with 4 GB of RAM (or more) and on stand- alone servers with 8 GB of RAM (more)

Answer: D

How many images are included with Check Point TE appliance in Recommended Mode?

A. 2 (OS) images
B. Images are chosen by administrator during installation
C. as many as licensed for
D. the most new image

Answer: A

Which deployment methods can an administrator choose when deploying the Sandblast agent?

A. Manually installing the deployment agent on each workstation
B. Use GPO and SCCM to deploy the deployment agent.
C. Use both SCCM and GPO for the deployment agent and End Point Management to push the Agent.
D. Use the Configure SandBlast Agent to push the Agent.

Answer: C

Which Check Point software blades could be enforced under Threat Prevention profile using Check Point R80.10 SmartConsole application?

A. IPS, Anti-Bot, URL Filtering, Application Control, Threat Emulation
B. Firewall, IPS, Threat Emulation, Application Control
C. IPS, Anti-Bot, Anti-Virus, Threat Emulation, Threat Extraction
D. Firewall, IPS, Anti-Bot, Anti-Virus, Threat Emulation

Answer: C

What’s true about Troubleshooting option in the IPS profile properties?

A. Temporarily change the active protection profile to “Default_Protection”
B. Temporarily set all protections to track (log) in SmartView Tracker
C. Temporarily will disable IPS kernel engine
D. Temporarily set all active protections to Detect

Answer: B

What is the mechanism behind Threat Extraction?

A. This is a new mechanism which extracts malicious files from a document to use it as a counter-attack against its sender
B. This is a new mechanism which is able to collect malicious files out of any kind of file types to destroy it prior to sending it to the intended recipient
C. This is a new mechanism to identify the IP address of the sender of malicious codes and to put it into the SAM database (Suspicious Activity Monitoring).
D. Any active contents of a document, such as JavaScripts, macros and links will be removed from the document and forwarded to the intended recipient, which makes this solution very fast.

Answer: D

Which command will allow you to see the interface status?

A. cphaprob interface
B. cphaprob -l interface
C. cphaprob -a if
D. cphaprob stat

Answer: C


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