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Question: 56

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has created a default admin user with username Admin1 and password ‘nsroot’ for the tenant example-online. However, the tenant administrator is unable to log in as username Admin1 and password ‘nsroot’.
Which action resolves this problem?

A. User should use the system administrator credentials to login.
B. The user BIND DN should be specified.
C. The default password must be change before login.
D. User should enter username as example-online\Admin1.

Answer: B

Question: 57

A Citrix Engineer configures the integrated caching feature to cache both static and dynamic content, but the integrated cache feature does NOT work as expected.
Which two resources can the engineer use to troubleshoot this integrated cache issue? (Choose two.)

A. core dump
B. dmesg
C. nstrace
D. ns.conf
E. sysctl-a

Answer: C,D
Reference: caching/troubleshooting-integrated-caching.html

Question: 58

Which three options can be used to specify the destination of an HTTP Callout? (Choose three.)

A. Load balancing Virtual server
B. Global server load balancing Virtual server
C. NetScaler Gateway Virtual server
D. Content switching Virtual server
E. Cache redirection Virtual server

Answer: A,D,E

Question: 59

Which is a single-digit rating system that indicates the criticalness of attacks on the application, regardless of whether or NOT the application is protected by a NetScaler appliance?

A. App Store
B. Safety Index
C. Threat Index
D. Transactions

Answer: C

Question: 60

A Citrix Engineer executed the below commands on the NetScaler command-line interface (CLI): add stream selector cacheStreamSelector http.req.url
add ns limitidentifiercacheRateLimitIdentifier –threshold 5 –timeSlice 2000 – selectorNamecacheStreamSelector
add cache policy cacheRateLimitPolicy –rule “http.req.method.eq(get) &&sys.check_limit (\ “cacheRateLimitIdentifier\”)” –action cache
bind cache global cacheRateLimitPolicy- priority 10 What will be the effect of executing these commands?

A. NetScaler will cache a response if the request URL rate exceeds 5 per 2000 milliseconds.
B. NetScaler will cache a request if the request URL rate exceeds 5 per 2000 seconds.
C. NetScaler will NOT cache a request if the request URL rate exceeds 5 per 2000 milliseconds.
D. NetScaler will cache a response if the request URL rate exceeds 5 per 2000 seconds.

Answer: B

Question: 61

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to configure an external SNMP server in a High Availability setup. The engineer configured the load-balancing virtual server to access the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NMAS) HA pair.
Which IP address will be configured on the external SNMP Manager to add the NMAS devices?

A. IP Address of the LB VIP
B. IP Address of the Primary node
C. IP Address of the active mode
D. IP Address of both the NMAS nodes

Answer: D

Question: 62

Which two actions can a Citrix Engineer use to provide Denial of Service (DoS) protection with the AppQoE feature? (Choose two.)

A. Simple Response
B. HICResponse
C. Denial Response
D. Complex Response

Answer: A,B

Question: 63

Which meta-character can be used as a wildcard to match a single character in a given position?

A. A forward slash (/)
B. A period (.)
C. An asterisk (*)
D. A dollar Sign ($)

Answer: D

Question: 64

A Citrix Engineer needs to implement a rate limiting policy to permit an average of one request in 40 ms using NetScaler.
Which Limit Identifier will meet this requirement?

A. adds ns limitIdentifierlimit_req-threshold 40 –mode CONNECTION
B. set limitidentifierlimit_req –mode request_rate –timeslice 2000 –Threshold 50 –limitType smooth
C. add ns limitIdentifierlimit_req –threshold 1 –mode CONNECTION
D. set limitidentifierlimit_req –mode request_rate –timeslice 2000 –Threshold 50 –limitTypeBursty

Answer: B

Question: 65

Scenario: A hacker accessed the HTML code from a product page and manipulated the HTML code as shown:
Original Value: <input type=hidden name=price value=2379.73> Manipulated Value: <input type=hidden name=price value=9.24>

Which security check can the engineer configure to counter the manipulation?

A. Content-type
B. Field Formats
C. Form Field consistency
D. HTML Cross-Site Scripting

Answer: C

Question: 66

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is configuring a Buffer Overflow Security Check. When configuring the options, the engineer notices that the Learn Mode is unavailable.
Why is the Learn Mode unavailable in this configuration?

A. TheNetScaler License is at Enterprise.
B. The Application Firewall database is at 20 MB.
C. The Application Firewall feature is disabled.
D. The Learn Mode is NOT available for Buffer Overflow.

Answer: A


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