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Which command does a network engineer use to verify the spanning-tree status for VLAN 10?

A.    switch# show spanning-tree vlan 10
B.    switch# show spanning-tree bridge
C.    switch# show spanning-tree brief
D.    switch# show spanning-tree summary
E.    switch# show spanning-tree vlan 10 brief

Answer: A

A new network that consists of several switches has been connected together via trunking interfaces. If all switches currently have the default VTP domain name “null”, which statement describes what happens when a domain name is configured on one of the switches?

A.    The switch with the non-default domain name restores back to “null” upon reboot.
B.    Switches with higher revision numbers does not accept the new domain name.
C.    VTP summary advertisements are sent out of all ports with the new domain name.
D.    All other switches with the default domain name become VTP clients.

Answer: C

While troubleshooting a network outage, a network engineer discovered an unusually high level of broadcast traffic coming from one of the switch interfaces. Which option decreases consumption of bandwidth used by broadcast traffic?

A.    storm control
B.    SDM routing
C.    Cisco IOS parser
D.    integrated routing and bridging
E.    Dynamic ARP Inspection

Answer: A

A network engineer is setting up a new switched network. The network is expected to grow and add many new VLANs in the future. Which Spanning Tree Protocol should be used to reduce switch resources and managerial burdens that are associated with multiple spanning-tree instances?

A.    RSTP
B.    PVST
C.    MST
D.    PVST+
E.    RPVST+

Answer: C

Which statement about the use of SDM templates in a Cisco switch is true?

A.    SDM templates are used to configure system resources in the switch to optimize support for specific features, depending on how the switch is used in the network.
B.    SDM templates are used to create Layer 3 interfaces (switch virtual interfaces) to permit hosts
in one VLAN to communicate with hosts in another VLAN.
C.    SDM templates are used to configure ACLs that protect networks and specific hosts from unnecessary or unwanted traffic.
D.    SDM templates are used to configure a set of ACLs that allows the users to manage the flow
of traffic handled by the route processor.
E.    SDM templates are configured by accessing the switch using the web interface.

Answer: A

Which SDM template disables routing and supports the maximum number of unicast MAC addresses?

A.    VLAN
B.    access
C.    default
D.    routing

Answer: A

Which SDM template is the most appropriate for a Layer 2 switch that provides connectivity to a large number of clients?

A.    VLAN
B.    default
C.    access
D.    routing

Answer: A

In a Cisco switch, what is the default period of time after which a MAC address ages out and is discarded?

A.    100 seconds
B.    180 seconds
C.    300 seconds
D.    600 seconds

Answer: C

If a network engineer applies the command mac-address-table notification mac-move on a Cisco switch port, when is a syslog message generated??

A.    A MAC address or host moves between different switch ports.
B.    A new MAC address is added to the content-addressable memory.
C.    A new MAC address is removed from the content-addressable memory.
D.    More than 64 MAC addresses are added to the content-addressable memory.

Answer: A

Which option is a possible cause for an errdisabled interface?

A.    routing loop
B.    cable unplugged
C.    STP loop guard
D.    security violation

Answer: D


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