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Vendor: Cisco
Exam Code: 300-208
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions

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Which three network access devices allow for static security group tag assignment? (Choose three.)

A.    intrusion prevention system
B.    access layer switch
C.    data center access switch
D.    load balancer
E.    VPN concentrator
F.    wireless LAN controller

Answer: BCE

Which option is required for inline security group tag propagation?

A.    Cisco Secure Access Control System
B.    hardware support
C.    Security Group Tag Exchange Protocol (SXP) v4
D.    Cisco Identity Services Engine

Answer: B

Which two fields are characteristics of IEEE 802.1AE frame? (Choose two.)

A.    destination MAC address
B.    source MAC address
C.    802.1AE header in EtherType
D.    security group tag in EtherType
E.    integrity check value

Answer: CE

Which two options are valid for configuring IEEE 802.1AE MACSec between switches in a TrustSec network? (Choose two.)

A.    manually on links between supported switches
B.    in the Cisco Identity Services Engine
C.    in the global configuration of a TrustSec non-seed switch
D.    dynamically on links between supported switches
E.    in the Cisco Secure Access Control System
F.    in the global configuration of a TrustSec seed switch

Answer: AD

Which three pieces of information can be found in an authentication detail report? (Choose three.)

A.    DHCP vendor ID
B.    user agent string
C.    the authorization rule matched by the endpoint
D.    the EAP method the endpoint is using
E.    the RADIUS username being used
F.    failed posture requirement

Answer: CDE

Certain endpoints are missing DHCP profiling data.
Which option describes what can be used to determine if DHCP requests from clients are reaching Cisco ISE?

A.    output of show interface gigabitEthernet 0 from the CLI
B.    output of debug logging all 7 from the CLI
C.    output of show logging application profiler.log from the CLI
D.    the TCP dump diagnostic tool through the GUI
E.    the posture troubleshooting diagnostic tool through the GUI

Answer: D

Which debug command on a Cisco WLC shows the reason that a client session was terminated?

A.    debug dot11 state enable
B.    debug dot1x packet enable
C.    debug client mac addr
D.    debug dtls event enable
E.    debug ap enable cisco ap

Answer: C

Which two identity databases are supported when PEAP-MSCHAPv2 is used as EAP type? (Choose two.)

A.    Windows Active Directory
B.    LDAP
C.    RADIUS token server
D.    internal endpoint store
E.    internal user store
F.    certificate authentication profile
G.    RSA SecurID

Answer: AE

Which two Cisco Catalyst switch interface commands allow only a single voice device and a single data device to be connected to the IEEE 802.1X-enabled interface? (Choose two.)

A.    authentication host-mode single-host
B.    authentication host-mode multi-domain
C.    authentication host-mode multi-host
D.    authentication host-mode multi-auth

Answer: AB

What are two possible reasons why a scheduled nightly backup of ISE to a FTP repository would fail? (Choose two.)

A.    ISE attempted to write the backup to an invalid path on the FTP server.
B.    The ISE and FTP server clocks are out of sync.
C.    The username and password for the FTP server are invalid.
D.    The server key is invalid or misconfigured.
E.    TCP port 69 is disabled on the FTP server.

Answer: AC

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