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Your management has asked you to project your anticipated virtual machine storage needs over the next 18 months. Which technology would help provide the required information?

A.    vCenter Site Recovery Manager
B.    vCenter Operations Manager
C.    vCenter Update Manager
D.    vCenter Configuration Manager

Answer: B

What is an availability challenge that vSphere can address?

A.    Virtual machines can be proactively migrated when a server failure is imminent
B.    Hardware maintenance can be performed at any time without application impact
C.    More servers can be deployed to provide higher availability
D.    Disaster recovery is greatly simplified

Answer: A

What are two benefits of datacenter virtualization? (Choose two.)

A.    Less data to back up
B.    Less CPU power required for a given application
C.    More efficient use of resources
D.    Same hardware footprint for every machine

Answer: CD

Which VMware product allows for the shared use of local storage?

A.    vSphere Replication
B.    Site Recovery Manager
C.    vSphere Storage Appliance
D.    Storage vMotion

Answer: C

Your company is planning to migrate your datacenter to a new location, but they wish to minimize downtime during the transition. You are entirely virtualized at your primary datacenter, and have been given funding to acquire new hardware for the new datacenter.
Which of the following products can help you migrate the VMs to the new datacenter?

A.    vCenter Operations Manager
B.    vCenter Configuration Manager
C.    vCenter Site Recovery Manager
D.    vCenter Converter

Answer: C

What is a feature of vSphere?

A.    Distributed Power Management
B.    Distributed Resource Management
C.    Distributed Power Scheduler
D.    Distributed Resource Protection

Answer: A

Which vSphere feature allows hardware maintenance to be performed at any time without impacting application availability?

A.    CPU Hotplug
B.    Enhanced vMotion Compatibility
C.    vMotion
D.    Cold migrations

Answer: B

What is a feature of vSphere?

A.    vSphere Availability Protection
B.    vSphere Data Scheduler
C.    vSphere Data Protection
D.    vSphere Resource Protection

Answer: C

Your manager comes and asks you how the VMs will be able to connect to the outside world.
You explain that there are two ways to connect to the network in vSphere.
Which two options can be used for this purpose? (Choose two.)

A.    Distributed Switch
B.    Standard Switch
C.    Virtual router
D.    Enhanced Switch

Answer: AB

You are discussing virtual networking with a colleague. She asks you which type of virtual switch supports the advanced networking option called Port Mirroring.
Which of the following is the correct answer?

A.    Extended virtual switch
B.    Distributed virtual switch
C.    Standard virtual switch
D.    Enterprise virtual switch

Answer: B


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