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In ClearPass guest, which statement is true? (Choose three.)

A.    All guest accounts will be assigned a role of Guest and that cannot be changed.
B.    The Create Guest Account form is fully configurable and fields can be edited.
C.    Account Expiration date and time cannot be edited by the administrator.
D.    A guest User is automatically disconnected from the network when their account expires.
E.    A guest user will be denied access to the network after their account expires but is not disconnected.
F.    A visitor location data field can be added to a guest registration form.

Answer: ADF

A guest user connects to an Open Guest SSID on a wireless network and is redirected to a web login page on ClearPass.
How is the authentication performed?

A.    The controller will capture the credentials as they are passed to ClearPass by the Web Login page.
B.    ClearPass instructs the wireless controller to fetch the credentials from the Web Login Page.
C.    The User submits the credentials, and ClearPass instructs the browser to post the credentials to the wireless controller.
D.    When the user submits the credentials, ClearPass will capture the credentials and post them to the wireless controller.

Answer: A

In ClearPass, which two service configuration can process credentials from a web Login Page? (Choose two.)

A.    Guest Service MAC Authentication
C.    Aruba Application Authentication
D.    WebAuth Service

Answer: CE

Refer to the exhibit. A user connects to an Aruba Access Point wireless SSID named “Secure-Corporate” and performs an 802.1X authentication with ClearPass as the authentication server. Based on this service configuration, which service will be triggered?

A.    Service Three
B.    Service Two
C.    No service will be triggered.
D.    Service One

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. What will be the enforcement for the user “neil”?

A.    Allow Internet Only Access
B.    Allow Full Access
C.    Corp Secure Contractor
D.    Secure Corp BYOD Access

Answer: B

Which licenses are included in the built-in starter kit for ClearPass?

A.    10 ClearPass Guest licenses,10 ClearPass OnGuard licenses and 10 ClearPass Onboard licenses
B.    10 ClearPass Enterprise licenses
C.    25 ClearPass Policy Manager licenses
D.    25 ClearPass Profiler licenses
E.    25 ClearPass Enterprise licenses

Answer: E

What happens when a client successfully authenticates but does not match any Enforcement Policy rules?

A.    no role is applied to the device
B.    logon profile is applied to the device
C.    default Enforcement profile is applied
D.    guest rule is applied to the device
E.    default rule is applied to the device

Answer: C

Which device uses the Quick Connect method of Onboarding? (Select two.)

A.    iPad
B.    iPhone
C.    Windows
D.    blackberry
E.    Android

Answer: CE

How do apple iOS 4 and iOS 5 devices download the Onboard provisioning profile and credentials from ClearPass?

A.    Bonjour
B.    Quick Connect
C.    SNMP
D.    FTP
E.    Over the air API

Answer: E

What is the purpose of a RADIUS IETP Session Timeout attribute being sent to an Aruba Controller when a guest authenticates successfully?

A.    For the controller to initiate a RADIUS re-authentication automatically when the time limit is reached.
B.    For ClearPass to send a RADIUS CoA message to the client when the time limit is reached.
C.    For the user to initiate a RADIUS re-authentication when the time limit is reached.
D.    For ClearPass to send a RADIUS CoA message when the time limit is reached.
E.    For the Controller to end the user’s authenticated session when the time limit is reached.

Answer: E

What does a client need for it to perform EAP-TLS successfully? (Select two.)

A.    Username and Password
B.    Server Certificate
C.    Pre-shared key
D.    Certificate Authority
E.    Client Certificate

Answer: BE

Which authentication type allows a device to authenticate with a client certificate?

A.    802.1X/EAP
B.    WEP Authentication
C.    MAC Authentication
D.    Captive Portal Authentication
E.    Open System Authentication

Answer: A

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