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What are types of Check Point APIs available currently as part of R80.10 code?

A. Security Gateway API, Management API, Threat Prevention API and Identity Awareness Web Services API
B. Management API, Threat Prevention API, Identity Awareness Web Services API and OPSEC SDK API
C. OSE API, OPSEC SDK API, Threat Extraction API and Policy Editor API
D. CPMI API, Management API, Threat Prevention API and Identity Awareness Web Services API

Answer: B

Which of the following is NOT an internal/native Check Point command?

A. fwaccel
B. fw
ct1 debug
C. tcpdump
D. cphaprob

Answer: C

What is the SandBlast Agent designed to do?

A. Performs OS-level sandboxing for SandBlast Cloud architecture
B. Ensure the Check Point SandBlast services is running on the end user’s system
C. If malware enters an end user’s system, the SandBlast Agent prevents the malware form spreading with the network
D. Clean up email sent with malicious attachments.

Answer: C

The SmartEvent R80 Web application for real-time event monitoring is called:

A. SmartView Monitor
B. SmartEventWeb
C. There is no Web application for SmartEvent
D. SmartView

Answer: A

What Shell is required in Gaia to use WinSCP?

B. CPShell
D. Bash

Answer: D

Which one of the following is true about Threat Emulation?

A. Takes less than a second to complete
B. Works on MS Office and PDF files only
C. Always delivers a file
D. Takes minutes to complete (less than 3 minutes)

Answer: D

What are the minimum open server hardware requirements for a Security Management Server/Standalone in R80.10?

A. 2 CPU cores, 4GB of RAM and 15GB of disk space
B. 8 CPU cores, 16GB of RAM and 500 GB of disk space
C. 4 CPU cores, 8GB of RAM and 500GB of disk space
D. 8 CPU cores, 32GB of RAM and 1 TB of disk space

Answer: C

The “MAC magic” value must be modified under the following condition:

A. There is more than one cluster connected to the same VLAN
B. A firewall cluster is configured to use Multicast for CCP traffic
C. There are more than two members in a firewall cluster
D. A firewall cluster is configured to use Broadcast for CCP traffic

Answer: D

The Correlation Unit performs all but which of the following actions:

A. Marks logs that individually are not events, but may be part of a larger pattern to be identified later
B. Generates an event based on the Event policy
C. Assigns a severity level to the event
D. Takes a new log entry that is part of a group of items that together make up an event, and adds it to an ongoing event

Answer: C

The following command is used to verify the CPUSE version:

A. HostName:0>show installer status build
B. [Expert@HostName:0]#show installer status
C. [Expert@HostName:0]#show installer status build
D. HostName:0>show installer build

Answer: A

Which statement is true regarding redundancy?

A. System Administrator know when their cluster has failed over and can also see why it failed over by using the cphaprob f it command.
B. ClusterXL offers three different Load Sharing solutions: Unicast, Broadcast, and Multicast.
C. Machines in a Cluster XL High Availability configuration must be synchronized.
D. Both Cluster XL and VRRP are fully supported by Gaia and available to all Check Point appliances, open servers, and virtualized environments.

Answer: D


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