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A company that provides cloud-based storage services allows user authentication using third-party social network credentials. Which of the following should be implemented to accomplish this task?

A. Multifactor authentication
B. Virtual private network
C. Federation
D. Domain trusts

Answer: C

Which of the following is used by storage tiering to meet SLAs?

B. Rules sets
C. Policies
D. Cron jobs

Answer: C

The requirements for a web application state that it must be architected for high availability. The web application consists of front-end web server and back-end database server components respectively. Which of the following describes a solution that meets this requirement, while minimizing costs?

A. One front-end web server and two clustered back-end database servers
B. Two front-end web servers and two back-end database servers
C. Two front-end web servers and one back-end database server
D. Two load-balanced front-end web servers and two clustered back-end database servers Answer: B


A system administrator has been monitoring cloud infrastructure usage over a period of time. The administrator notices that several hosts are consistently running close to capacity during work hours. To balance the workload across more hosts, the administrator performs a virtual resource migration. Which of the following terms BEST describes the reason the administrator performed this action?

A. Mobility
B. Utilization
C. Availability
D. Migration

Answer: B

Which of the following is used to connect a VM to a SAN?

B. vRouter

Answer: C

Which of the following would allow separation between the Internet and the internal network of a company?

A. Virtual Local Area Networks
B. Review Audit Logs
C. Review System Logs
D. Demilitarized zone

Answer: D

A new vulnerability has been announced which affects several critical VM guests, but no patch is available. Which of the following can the administrator perform to mitigate this risk prior to a patch being released?

A. Install and update antivirus software on all workstations
B. Apply all available software patches to VM guests and VM hosts
C. Disable the affected service if it is found to be unnecessary
D. Cluster all affected VM guests and implement resource pooling Answer: A


An administrator has recently moved all VoIP to a CaaS offering. In order to ensure that VoIP traffic remains separate from the rest of the data traffic, which of the following MUST be done?

A. All VoIP traffic needs to be VLAN tagged
B. The CaaS CSP needs to create a new subnet
C. The CaaS CSP needs to create a private VPN
D. All VoIP traffic needs to have QoS

Answer: A

An administrator is attempting to troubleshoot an issue between a web server in the DMZ and an internal workstation by reviewing packet captures. Upon inspection, the payloads of the packets are unreadable. Which of the following could be the cause of this issue?

A. The administrator has yet to authenticate to the network
B. The sniffer is located on an incorrect subnet
C. A vulnerability scanner has interfered with the packet capture
D. End-to-end encryption is applied on the network

Answer: D

An administrator needs to over allocate storage on VMs in a development cluster. Which of the following storage practices will be followed?

A. LUN masking
B. Thin provisioning
C. Thick provisioning
D. FC zoning

Answer: B

Which of the following tests would be MOST appropriate when over allocate storage on VMs in a development cluster?

A. Penetration testing
B. Vulnerability scan
C. Latency testing
D. Bandwidth determination

Answer: C


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