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Which two VLANs are reserved for system use only? (Choose two)

A.    1
B.    4095
C.    4096
D.    0
E.    1001

Answer: BD
The VLANs 0 and 4095 are reserved by the IEEE 802.1Q standard and you cannot create, delete, or modify them so they are the correct answers.
+ VLAN 0 and 4095 are reserved for system use only. You cannot see or use these VLANs.
+ VLAN 1 and VLANs 1002-1005 are default VLANs. Default VLANs are created automatically and cannot be configured or deleted by users.
+ VLAN 2 to 1001 are normal VLANs. You can create, use and delete them.
+ VLAN 1002 to 1005 are normal VLANs too but Cisco reserved for FDDI an Token Ring.

Which name describes an IPV6 host-enable tunneling technique that uses IPV4 UDP,does not require dedicated gateway tunnels,and can pass through existing IPV4 NAT gateways?

A.    dual stack XX
B.    dynamic
C.    Teredo
D.    Manual 6to4

Answer: C

Which sequence begins a unique local IPv6 address in binary notation?

A.    00000000
B.    1111110
C.    1111100
D.    1111111

Answer: B

Which statement about 6to4 tunneling is true?

A.    One tunnel endpoint must be configured with IPv4 only
B.    It establishes a point-to-point tunnel
C.    Both tunnel endpoints must be configured with IPv4 only
D.    Both tunnel endpoints must support IPv4 and IPv6

Answer: D

What is true about ipv6 unique local addresses:

A.    Global id
B.    Public routable
C.    Summarization
D.    Unique prefix

Answer: D

How many primary ipv4 addresses can be assigned on router interface ?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    4
D.    Unlimited

Answer: B

Which command is used to build DHCP pool?

A.    ipdhcp conflict
B.    ipdhcp-server pool DHCP
C.    ipdhcp pool DHCP
D.    ipdhcp-client pool DHCP

Answer: C


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