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Which IEEE mechanism is responsible for the authentication of devices when they attempt to connect to a local network?

A.    802.1x
B.    802.11
C.    802.2x
D.    802.3x

Answer: A

If router R1 knows a static route to a destination network and then learns about the same destination network through a dynamic routing protocol, how does R1 respond?

A.    It refuses to advertise the dynamic route to other neighbors
B.    It sends a withdrawal signal to the neighboring router
C.    It disables the routing protocol
D.    It prefers the static route

Answer: D

Which two statements about floating static routes are true? (Choose two)

A.    They are routes to the exact /32 destination address
B.    They are used when a route to the destination network is missing
C.    They have a higher administrative distance than the default static route administrative distance
D.    They are used as back-up routes when the primary route goes down
E.    They are dynamic routes that are learned from a server

Answer: CD

When you enable PortFast on a switch port, the port immediately transitions to which state?

A.    Blocking
B.    Forwarding
C.    Learning
D.    Listening

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. If R1 receives a packet destined to, to which IP address does it send the packet?


Answer: A

What is the command to see assigned address in DHCP?

A.    show ip DHCP statistic
B.    show ip dhcp pool
C.    show ip dhcp binding
D.    show ip dhcp database

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit, you determine that Computer A cannot ping Computer Which reason for the problem is most likely true?

A.    The Subnet mask for Computer A is incorrect
B.    The default gateway address for Computer A is incorrect
C.    The subnet mask for computer B is incorrect.
D.    The default gateway address for computer B is incorrect

Answer: A

Which effect of the passive-interface command on R1 is true?

A.    It prevents interface Fa0/0 from sending updates.
B.    Interface Fa 0/0 operates in RIPv1 mode.
C.    It removes the network from all updates on all interfaces on R1.
D.    It removes the network from all updates on all interfaces on R1.

Answer: A

Which three encapsulation layers in the OSI model are combined into the TCP/IP application layer? (Choose three)

A.    Session
B.    transport
C.    presentation
D.    application
E.    data-link
F.    network

Answer: ACD

When is the most appropriate time to escalate an issue that you troubleshooting?

A.    When you lack the proper to resolve the issue.
B.    When a more urgent issue that requires your intervention is detected
C.    When you have gathered all information about an issue
D.    When you have been unable to resolve the issue after 30 min

Answer: C

Which two command can you enter to display the current time sources statistics on devices ? (Choose two)

A.    Show ntp associations.
B.    Show clock details
C.    Show clock.
D.    Show time.
E.    Show ntp status

Answer: AE


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