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When upgrading a standalone Cisco UCS C-Series server, which method is correct?

A.    direct upgrade on all components
B.    Cisco Hardware Upgrade Utility
C.    Cisco Host Upgrade Utility
D.    Cisco Server Upgrade Utility

Answer: C

In a standalone Cisco UCS C-Series server, which recommendations can be used to upgrade the BIOS?

A.    Cisco IMC
B.    Cisco UCS Manager
C.    iFlash32 Utility
D.    Flash ROM Utility
E.    EFI Interface
F.    Cisco Host Upgrade Utility
G.    USB Flash Utility

Answer: F

What are the default settings of the Cisco IMCCIMC NIC properties on a standalone Cisco UCS C- Series server?

A.    ‘Shared LOM’ NIC mode with ‘Active-active’ NIC redundancy and DHCP enabled
B.    ‘Shared LOM’ NIC mode with ‘Active-standby’ NIC redundancy and DHCP enabled
C.    ‘Dedicated’ NIC mode with ‘Active-standby’ NIC redundancy DHCP disabled
D.    ‘Dedicated’ NIC mode with ‘None’ NIC redundancy and DHCP enabled
E.    ‘Cisco Card’ NIC mode with ‘Active-active’ NIC redundancy and DHCP enabled

Answer: D

Which adapter is capable of supporting VM-FEX?

A.    VIC 1280
B.    Cisco UCS M61KR-I
C.    Cisco UCS M72KR
D.    Cisco UCS M51KR-B

Answer: A

Which option does UEFI secure boot provide?

A.    checksum verification of the EFI shell
B.    certificate verification of the EFI shell
C.    checksum verification of the OS
D.    certificate verification of the OS

Answer: D

Which component is unsupported by the UEFI boot device in the Cisco UCS C-series standalone?

A.    FlexFlash card
B.    RAID array
C.    FCoE
D.    iSCSI
E.    USB
F.    PXE

Answer: G

Which statement about Cisco Integrated Management Controller secure mode is true?

A.    After you enable it, you cannot disable it.
B.    After you enable it, you cannot downgrade the Cisco Integrated Management Controller firmware.
C.    It verifies the OS before allowing it to boot.
D.    The server must reboot to apply.

Answer: A

When implementing a Cisco UCS C-series standalone server, which of the following Cisco Integrated Management Controller NIC modes allow use of the least number of physical ports while providing maximum levels of redundancy?

A.    dedicated
B.    shared LOM
C.    shared LOM 10G
D.    Cisco VIC

Answer: D

Which option describes what Cisco Integrated Management Controller Network Security provides?

A.    protection against DDoS on the Cisco IMC
B.    a whilelist that specifies the servers allowed to access the Cisco IMC
C.    802.1x support, allowing the Cisco IMC to log in to a port security network
D.    user-configured ACLs to block known bad servers from accessing the Cisco IMC

Answer: A

Which port type mode must be used on a Cisco UCS Manager for a SPAN port?

A.    eth-traffic-mon
B.    eth-uplink
C.    eth-server
D.    eth-storage

Answer: A

Where would you disable or enable Cisco Discovery Protocol?

A.    LAN connectivity policy
B.    service profile
C.    network control policy
D.    LAN uplinks manager

Answer: C

Which three statements about default settings for fabric interconnect uplink ports are true? (Choose three.)

A.    When a VLAN is configured, it is trunked on all uplinks.
B.    Specific VLANs are trunked on specific uplinks.
C.    UDLD is enabled.
D.    UDLD is disabled.
E.    Cisco Discovery Protocol is enabled.
F.    Cisco Discovery Protocol is disabled.
G.    They connect to the I/O modules.

Answer: ADE

Refer to the exhibit. An admin is configuring VLANs on a Cisco UCS B-Series vNIC.
Which two statements about the traffic coming from the operating system with this configuration are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The VLAN must be configured with ID 832 within the operating system.
B.    No VLAN tag should be added in the operating system.
C.    If traffic comes in untagged on this vNIC, it is placed in VLAN 832.
D.    This configuration is not supported when hypervisors are used.
E.    The uplink ports of the fabric interconnect have the native VLAN set to ID 832.

Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about the fabric interconnect are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The fabric interconnect forwards all broadcast packets on VLAN 311 out of each interface listed in the Membership.
B.    The fabric interconnect forwards broadcasts on VLAN 311 only when they are received on Po21.
C.    Without any changes to the switch, eth 1/32 could become the designated receiver for VLAN 311.
D.    All multicast traffic from a blade on VLAN 311 goes out of Po21.
E.    IGMP join packets from blades on VLAN 311 goes out Po21.

Answer: BE


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