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During Consistency Group initialization, the host application experiences a performance impact.
What can be used to reduce the negative impact on performance?

A.    I/O throttling
B.    Detect bottlenecks
C.    FC diagnostics
D.    IP diagnostics

Answer: A

What should be used when more performance is needed than a single RPA can provide for asynchronous replication?

A.    Distributed Consistency Groups
B.    Journal Compression
C.    Fibre Channel connections
D.    Multi-Cluster copies

Answer: A

Which tool is used to enable a VNX splitter?

A.    Unisphere Service Manager
B.    Unisphere for RecoverPoint
C.    Deployment Manager
D.    NaviSecCLI

Answer: A

Which host command, run as the boxmgmt user, is available from the ‘Run Internal Command’ menu?

A.    ssh
B.    ls
C.    rm
D.    tracert

Answer: A

What is a named point-in-time copy of data marked by the system for recovery purposes within RecoverPoint?

A.    Bookmark
B.    Snapshot
C.    Image Access Point
D.    Journal

Answer: A

A customer is evaluating the deployment of RecoverPoint with their VNX array.
They want to deploy the RPAs in virtual appliance form.
They ask your opinion about using vRPA versus physical appliances.
What should you advise them?

A.    They cannot mix physical and virtual RPAs within their RPA cluster.
B.    For performance reasons, they can mix vRPAs and physical RPAs in the remote RPA cluster.
C.    vRPAs cannot be used in a VNX environment.
D.    They can mix vRPA and physical RPAs in the same RPA cluster at all sites.

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of RPA clusters allowed in a RecoverPoint/SE configuration?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    4
D.    5

Answer: B

A storage administrator has been tasked to demonstrate the image access capability of RecoverPoint.
Which RecoverPoint option should they use?

A.    Test a Copy
B.    Fail Over
C.    Fail Back
D.    Recover Production

Answer: A

An organization is hosting storage protection solutions for multiple companies.
This solution is accomplished by the hosting organization’s ability to consolidate data to a single VNX platform.
How many RecoverPoint clusters can be used in this environment?

A.    6 clusters, assuming each LUN is attached to only one cluster at a time
B.    6 clusters, assuming only vRPAs are used
C.    8 clusters, assuming each LUN is replicated across the clusters
D.    8 clusters, assuming each LUN is attached to only one cluster at a time

Answer: A

Which RecoverPoint CLI command would you run to get the errors and warnings for one cluster or for the entire environment?

A.    get_system_status
B.    get_rpa_states
C.    get_groups
D.    get_clusters_topology

Answer: A

Which Ethernet interface on an RPA is used for management?

A.    eth0
B.    eth1
C.    eth2
D.    eth3

Answer: B

Which virtualization solution components are supported by RecoverPoint?

A.    Hyper-V, VMware vCenter monitoring, VMware SRM
B.    Hyper-V only
C.    VMware vCenter monitoring only
D.    VMware SRM only

Answer: A

For optimal performance when presenting gatekeepers for a VMAX splitter, how many FA ports should be used in each port group?

A.    4
B.    8
C.    12
D.    16

Answer: B

A customer has a four-node RecoverPoint cluster using a VNX array.
All LUNs are replicating and failover has been tested.
The customer would like to integrate RecoverPoint and Unisphere.
However, they are unable to manage the cluster through Unisphere.
What should the customer do to correct the issue?

A.    Convert to RecoverPoint/SE using Deployment Manager
B.    Reinstall the RecoverPoint splitter enabler on the VNX
C.    Rescan the VNX splitters in the management application
D.    Reinstall the RecoverPoint/SE license file

Answer: A

Which RecoverPoint tool is used for system conversions?

A.    Deployment Manager
B.    Unisphere for RecoverPoint
C.    SolVe Desktop
D.    BCSD Sizing

Answer: A

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