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Exam Code: 1Y0-201Exam Name: Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 SolutionsCertification Provider: CitrixCorresponding Certification: CCA-VKeywords: 1Y0-201 Exam Dumps,1Y0-201 Practice Tests,1Y0-201 Practice Exams,1Y0-201 Exam Questions,1Y0-201 PDF,1Y0-201 VCE Free,1Y0-201 Book,1Y0-201 E-Book,1Y0-201 Study Guide,1Y0-201 Braindump,1Y0-201 Prep Guide   QUESTION 141Which administrative role can manage catalogs and build virtual desktops? A.    Machine administratorB.    Help desk administratorC.    Read-only administratorD.    Desktop group administrator Answer: A QUESTION 142Scenario: External users are experiencing issues connecting to Intranet applications through NetScaler. Clientless Access is disabled. Which action should a Citrix Administrator take to investigate the cause of this issue? A.    View dmesg.boot.B.    Open NetScaler Plug-in logging.C.    Configure ACL and TCP logging.D.    Configure Auditing on the NetScaler. Answer: B QUESTION 143A Citrix Administrator creates an external network in a XenServer deployment; however, virtual machines connected to the newly created external network CANNOT communicate with other devices on the same subnet as the XenServer host. The virtual machines are unable to communicate with devices on the same subnet as the XenServer host because __________ or __________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.) A.    the virtual machines are behind a NAT routerB.    MAC filtering is enabled on the external networkC.    the link status for the external NIC is disconnectedD.    the virtual machines are on a VLAN that is configured incorrectly Answer: CD QUESTION 144Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is modifying a vDisk. The administrator finishes making changes to the vDisk and promotes it to production. Now, only one machine is working with the new vDisk. In which access mode should the administrator put the vDisk so that multiple target devices can boot from this vDisk? A.    TestB.    PrivateC.    StandardD.    ProductionE.     Maintenance Answer: C QUESTION 145Scenario: Users who connect through the NetScaler are receiving the following error after they log on with their username and password:Http/1.1 Internal Server Error 29A Citrix Administrator checks the status of the NetScaler and does NOT find any alerts on the System Log. Which server could be causing this error? A.    DatabaseB.    StoreFrontC.    Citrix LicensingD.    Domain Controller Answer: B QUESTION 146Which file should a Citrix Administrator edit to configure log settings on the StoreFront server? A.    web.configB.    global.aspxC.    logout.aspxD.    default.html Answer: A QUESTION 147Scenario: A Citrix Administrator provisions 50 server OS machines to host applications. The administrator assigns a delivery group to the machine catalog containing the server OS machines. When viewing the delivery group in Citrix Studio, the administrator discovers that one of the server OS machines is unregistered. Which two actions should the administrator take to resolve this issue? (Choose two.) A.    Restart the Delivery Controller.B.    Ensure that the machine catalog is NOT in maintenance mode.C.    Add the appropriate exclusions to the firewall rules on the virtual machine.D.    Ensure time synchronization between the Virtual Delivery Agent and the Delivery Controller. Answer: CD QUESTION 148A Citrix Administrator plans to use Provisioning Services to provision server OS machines and desktop OS machines that boot from vDisks. Which two components are required in order to provision the machines? (Choose two.) A.    Citrix ReceiverB.    XenServer ToolsC.    Virtual Delivery AgentD.    Target device software Answer: CD QUESTION 149How should an Citrix administrator deliver applications from two departmental XenApp farms into a single XenDestop virtual machine? A.    Install multiple XenApp plug-insB.    Create several Web Interface sitesC.    Aggregate the farms using the Web InterfaceD.    Consolidate the two farms into a single zone Answer: C QUESTION 150Scenario: A Citrix Administrator implemented a Citrix policy to set up Citrix Profile Management. After the administrator implemented the policy, users are still being required to set up their applications each time they logon. What is preventing the existing policy from working? A.    The .INI file does NOT exist.B.    There are no filters set within the policy.C.    The path specifiaed to save the profile is incorrect.D.    The users need to be removed from the Citrix profile group. 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