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Which option is included with TRCs using DAS storage?

A. battery backup cache
B. VMware settings
C. QoS configuration
D. Storage arrays

Answer: A

When deploying an OVA Template, which option is used to allocate storage on demand as data is written to disk?

A. Medium Provisioned format
B. Thin Provisioned format
C. Thick Provisioned (Lazy Zeroed) format
D. Thick Provisioned (Eager Zeroed) format

Answer: B

In the KVM console, which result occurs if the first default is used and network does not have IPv6 configured?

A. KVM fails to launch.
B. KVM prompts the admin to enable IPv6.
C. KVM switches to IPv4.
D. KVM moves to the next default option listed.

Answer: A

Which phones does the Cisco BE4000 appliance support?

A. 6900 Series phones
B. 7900 Series phones
C. 3900 Series phones
D. 8800 Series phones

Answer: D

In which version is Cisco Telepresence Virtualization software offered?

A. 6.0
B. 7.0
C. 5.5
D. 4.1

Answer: B

When does Cisco UC virtualization support application coresidency?

A. under certain conditions for UC on UCS Tested Reference Configuration, UC on U Specs-based and third-party Server Specs-based servers
B. under certain conditions for UC on UCS Specs-based
C. under certain conditions for third-party Server Specs-based servers
D. under certain conditions for UC on UCS Tested Reference Configuration

Answer: A

Which description of the Virtual Machine Placement Tool is true?

A. way to place virtual servers in the cloud
B. way to map virtual servers to physical servers
C. way to order physical servers
D. way to place virtual servers on Spark

Answer: B

Which option does the Cisco Business Edition 4000 Selfcare Portal enable?

A. connection of phones to Cisco HCS cloud
B. pre-configuration of a customer system prior to shipment
C. management of all Business Edition 4000 sites within an organization
D. connection of phones to Cisco Spark cloud

Answer: C

Which option do you use to menu items in the Console window?

A. stylus
B. keyboard keys
C. voice command
D. mouse pointer

Answer: A

Which option to configure in-band access to a Cisco IMC means the IP address stays with the server?

A. on the service profile
B. directly on the Cisco IMC
C. in the VLAN group
D. You can only configure out-of-band.

Answer: B

Which option extends the fabric from the switch chassis to the virtual machine?


Answer: D


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