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2016/11 New 1V0-621: VMware Certified Associate 6 – Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals Exam Exam Questions Released Today!
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Which two features of vSphere helps organizations plan for disaster recovery? (Choose two.)

A.    High Availability
B.    vSphere Replication
C.    Fault Tolerance
D.    Data Protection

Answer: AB

Which two vSphere 6.x technologies simplify management in data centers with multiple vCenter instances? (Choose two.)

A.    Content Library
B.    Long Distance vMotion
C.    Distributed Resource Scheduler
D.    vSphere Distributed Switch

Answer: BC

What are two capabilities of Network I/O Control? (Choose two.)

A.    It sets network reservations for physical traffic entering vSphere Distributed Switches.
B.    It enforces a network bandwidth limit on vSphere Distributed Switches.
C.    It maintains the network runtime state for virtual machines.
D.    It performs load-based teaming for workloads on teamed vNICs.

Answer: BD

What is Fault Tolerance logging?

A.    The act of logging a failure in the primary virtual machine and transferring to the secondary virtual machine in an FT pair.
B.    The act of logging errors in data transfers between primary and secondary virtual machines in an FT pair.
C.    The act of logging runtime state changes made to the virtual machines in an FT pair.
D.    The act of transmitting runtime state information to the virtual machines in an FT pair.

Answer: A

Which of these products is a cloud management platform that is purpose-built for heterogeneous data centers and the hybrid cloud?

A.    vCloud Air
B.    vCloud Director
C.    vRealize Automation
D.    VMware Integrated OpenStack

Answer: C

An administrator needs to gracefully reboot a virtual machine that has VMware Tools installed. What available power state control will allow the administrator to perform the action?

A.    Restart Guest
B.    Shut Down Guest
C.    Suspend
D.    Reset

Answer: A

Which three prerequisites are needed to use the VMware Remote Console? (Choose three.)

A.    Virtual machine is powered on.
B.    Network IP Configured.
C.    VMware Tools installed.
D.    Guest Operating System installed.
E.    VMware Tools installation ISO attached.

Answer: ABC


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