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When writing new App in Tropo, in what format should the App Scripts be saved?

A. .js
B. .json
C. .mp4
D. .xml

Answer: B

Which is a feature available in Expressway version 8.9?

A. Global phone books
B. The ability to register desktop phones
C. The ability to register video endpoints
D. SRST redundancy

Answer: C

In a Resilient and Scalable Cisco Meeting Servers solution where should TURN Servers be configured?

A. CMS Core
B. Telepresence Server
C. UCM Server
D. CMS Edge

Answer: A

Which statement is true regarding endpoint registration authentication?

A. When a Subzone is set for “Treat as Authenticated”, the endpoint is required to have the correct authentications configured.
B. Expressways and Endpoints do not need to be synchronized with identical NTP timestamps.
C. Authentication credentials can be stored in the local database of the Expressway.
D. SIP endpoints always need authentication credentials.

Answer: C

What protocol is used by TMS when asystem cannot be contacted usingSNMP?

C. H.245
D. H.239

Answer: A

Which statement is true about Microsoft Skype for Business (S4B) interoperability with Cisco Meeting Server?

A. Chat can be used between S4B and Cisco Meeting App users.
B. Local Directories can always be used between S4B users and CMA.
C. Chat can be used between S4B and Cisco Meeting Server Spaces.
D. Calls can not be place between S4B and Cisco Meeting App (CMA) users.

Answer: D

What H.323 functionality exists on the CiscoMeeting Server?

A. H.323-to-SIP Interworking only
B. H.323 registration, call control and H.323-to-SIP Interworking
C. H.323 registration and H.323-to-SIP Interworking, but no call control
D. H.323 registration and call control only

Answer: C

Which is used in bothCMR Premises and CMR Hybrid solutions?

A. Cisco CTS
B. Cisco Conductor
C. Cisco Meeting Server
D. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

Answer: D
Explanation: 1_conferencing-ivsykora-jmartan.pdf

If a userof a SIP endpoint registered to an Expressway configured with only the domain physically dials “6501”, what alias is presented in the SIP Invite message?

A. 6501
B. [email protected]<ip address of the endpoint>
C. [email protected]<ip address of the Expressway>
D. [email protected]

Answer: C

Which deployment model is the best solution for a simple installation with the most secure connection outside the production network forCisco Meeting Server?

A. Scaled and Resilient Server Deployment
B. Single Split Server Deployment
C. Single Combined Server Deployment
D. Scaled and Combined Server Deployment

Answer: C

How is TIP defined?

A. TIP multiplexes RTP ports to reduce the number of video streams required in calls between any H.323 and SIP endpoint. Whether they are immersive endpoints or non- immersive endpoints.
B. TIP allows communication between any immersive and non-immersive endpoint.
C. TIP allows communication between any endpoint, regardless of what protocol is used
D. TIP multiplexes RTP ports to reduce the number of video streams required in cars between immersive endpoints.

Answer: A


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