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When virtualizing storage using Virtual Volumes, what is the primary unit of storage management?

A.    An NFS Datastore
B.    A VMFS Datastore
C.    A virtual disk
D.    A virtual machine

Answer: C
Explanation: (page 6)

ASWhat is the network technology used by VMware Software-Defined Data Centers to virtualize network resources?

A.    NSX
B.    vCloud Networking and Security
D.    vSphere Network I/O Control

Answer: A
VMware’s network virtualization platform, NSX, deploys on top of existing physical network hardware and supports the newest fabrics and geometries from all vendors.
Existing applications and monitoring tools work smoothly with NSX without any modifications.

What are two available methods for updating VMware Tools on a virtual machine? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure virtual machines to check for and install newer versions of VMware Tools.
B.    Downloading the newest version of VmwareTools.exe from
C.    Attaching VMware Tools ISO to the VM and manually updating.
D.    Copy the updated files to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\ VMware Tools\.

Answer: CD

An organization is looking to lower their IT costs associated with infrastructure management. They have implemented vSphere and NSX and are now looking to consolidate their storage architecture and tools so that all infrastructure resources can be managed from a single pane-of-glass.
Which tool will allow them to achieve the desired goal?

A.    Virtual SAN
B.    Storage Policies
C.    Storage DRS
D.    Virtual Volumes

Answer: A

An organization with on-premises infrastructure is planning to acquire a company currently using cloud-based resources. Following the acquisition the organization will need to manage employee desktops and applications across both infrastructure types.
Which solution would meet the organization’s needs?

A.    Horizon Air
B.    Horizon FLEX
C.    vCloud Air
D.    vCloud Director

Answer: A

What are the two features of vShpere that help address the availability challenges that organizations face? (Choose two.)

A.    Snapshots
B.    vSphere Data protection
C.    High Availability
D.    Fault Tolerance.

Answer: CD

Which two statements are true regarding disaster recovery when using data center virtualization. (Choose two.)

A.    vSphere includes a file-level backup and restore solution with application level support for Microsoft Exchange.
B.    vSphere can restart virtual machines on available resources if host hardware fails.
C.    vSphere includes an automated replication solution.
D.    vSphere includes a live migration solution that maintains virtual machine uptime in the event of unplanned downtime.

Answer: AD


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